QRA 2003

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The Technology : Voice Heartware®
Listen to a pleasant voice tell you what your heart rate is and if you're in your Fat Calorie Burn Zone, Cardiovascular or Competitive Zones, how many calories you've burned and how long you have been exercising... Clip DVP on your waist and it's ready to go. Plug in your Walkman' radio, tape player CD or DVD and the DVP will periodically interrupt the audio with digital voice messages concerning your exercise activity. Prompted by a pleasant digital voice, the user can input age, weight, genderÉall the information needed to provide the most accurate heart beat and calorie burn information. The DVP+ has a memory and will download to your computer. Personal training software and our web site software is included.

Features and Benefits:
  • DVP comes with a comfortable, form-fitting chest belt, the DVP module, a Walkman' connector and the necessary cables to interface with your computer for storing and displaying heart rate, calorie burn and other exercise related information.
  • Digital Voice Guided User Programming.
  • You can enjoy the scenery and think about what you wish. The Digital Voice reminds you when to speed up, slow down, cool down, etc.
  • It can be used for running, walking and with any type of fitness equipment.
  • The DVP System is safer if you're running. You don't have to take your eyes off the road.
  • The Digital Voice updates you at milestones, i.e. when you should speed up, slow down, cool down, etc.
  • It can be used for running, walking and with any type of fitness equipment.
  • The Digital Voice can provide messages concerning the user's present heart rate, calories burned, time elapsed and other information relevant to the type of exercise they are presently engaged in.
Optional memory provides Computer and Web Site access.

Product Marketing

This product expands our market to anyone using radio, tape and CD Walkman™ type devices. The marketing strategy should emphasize the fact that we can provide users with an alternative for monitoring heart rate which other pulse products cannot; an active (voice) system that automatically informs you rather than a passive (LCD) system that you must consciously attend to in order to obtain information.

The consumer can buy our transmitter and DVP System or simply purchase the DVP and use the transmitter belt they presently own. With the right partner, our system can be built into a Walkman-type device.

Competition and Advantage

When The Gym Man, a product from Tius Elcon, Ltd, was evaluated for USA Direct, it was determined that it provided poor quality radio reception, unreliable pulse information and was very uncomfortable to wear.

Development And Manufacturing

We have completed a digital voice prototype. We have designed a second prototype that provides memory capability so the data gathered during outdoor exercise can be downloaded to the userŐs computer.

Our best estimate at this time, is that, in volume, the per unit cost for the Digital Voice Pulse System should not exceed $19.00.