QRA 2003

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The Technology : Virtual Athlete® Treadmill
Training videos represent a substantial portion of fitness telemarketing and retail sales. National chain bookstores and multimedia outlets market thousands of titles, hundreds of which are in the Fitness and Wellness category.

With our Virtual Athlete System, the user's heartbeat controls not only the action of the treadmill, but also a high resolution DVD journey through a picturesque park. Syncopation of the musical score, as well as video sequencing, is controlled by the user's level of heart activity.

Our Personal DVD Journeys will provide interactivity via our VCI and Computer linked products. Because the VCI integrates video signals and user fitness management graphics for display on a home TV, we plan to produce a library of DVD's Journeys that will maintain high interest for our VCI (Universal Fitness Machine Interface), PCI Treadmills, motorized products and our Computer Interface Products.

Interactive DVD programs in weight management, cardiovascular training, competitive training, children's fitness, nutrition and stress management are being planned. Because of digital mastering, we will also be able to offer "personalized" programs. In our planned "Fitness Journey" series, sample segments of our Virtual Athlete Personal Trainer Series will be available on our web site. This system provides us with a product for the growing and lucrative Virtual Reality market.

It should be noted that Pioneer Electronics, one of the media super powers, supplied all of our laser disk mastering at no cost because they wanted to be the media provider for this product line.

For excerpts from the Virtual Athlete® Promotional Video please click here.
Apple Quicktime required.


Since the Virtual Athlete™ utilizes the same electronic control system as the PCI Treadmill, it enjoys the same protection as does the PCI Treadmill.

Description of First Media Program

Cyber Trim Interactive DVD: This DVD will feature a personal trainer who will guide the user through a maximum fat calorie burn workout. As the personal trainer exercises, their heart rate and actual fat calorie burn is displayed. To maximize their own fat calorie burn, the user must simply match his/her own heart activity to that of the trainer. This is simple because both are simultaneously displayed on the user's TV. The trainer will also provide diet, nutrition, lifestyle and weight management recommendations.

Product Marketing

This product services those consumers worldwide who own televisions and are interested in combining treadmill exercise with multi media information and entertainment. Since the PCI Controller can identify a user and can maintain a heart signature, it can deliver a prescribed and verifiable exercise routine for cardio prevention and rehabilitation programs.

Development and Manufacturing

1. We must plan (story board) the development of appropriate multi media.

Exact cost will be determined by the media production personnel. Production cost should average $15,000 per media program.

2. VCI/PCI units must be programmed to interact with each type of media (DVD, CD-ROM, laser disk, VHS) and media program. Cost will be determined by requirements of the media program.