QRA 2003

The Technology : Pulse Control Interactive (PCI) Treadmill
Treadmills are the best selling aerobic and cardiovascular exercise devices. Our technology adds a whole new dimension to exercising with the treadmill. The PCI Treadmill controller receives an infrared heart pulse from the user and communicates with the treadmill via an infrared link. As a result, the PCI can control the complete workout of the user, keeping them within their target heart range. All the activities, including a graphic and numeric pulse display, speed, elevation, distance, calorie burn and elapsed time are displayed on the user's home television, either by itself or as an overlay on whatever televised broadcast, videotape or DVD program is being viewed. Software controls all graphic displays, which can be easily reprogrammed for different treadmill models and markets. Additionally, the PCI provides a Fitness Level Test for each user. With this system, the user can input personal data, such as weight, gender, age, etc. in much the same way that you program your VCR. As a result, the PCI provides an unprecedented level of personalized fitness training supervision.

Some high-end treadmills provide heart beat controlled exercise routines. None, however, have fully integrated Heart Rate functionality controlling the complete workout, nor do they have television display. None use inter-beat interval heart analysis for motor control algorithms and none can produce the proprietary electronics at our cost. (See Promotional Video)

It should be noted that any treadmill incorporating PCI technology can also interface with a computer and our Internet site using our Personal Trainer Computer Interface. The user's treadmill can then be controlled by a computer program, which we supply.

For excerpts from the PCI Treadmill Promotional Video please click here.
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A United States Patent (#5,527,239) has been issued for the PCI Treadmill. The controller technology employs software video logic rather than hardware systems. Over 8000 lines of compiled code provide additional protection.

Product Marketing

This technology has natural access to both the general consumer market as well as the clinical and rehabilitation markets as a Cardiovascular Management System. This product services those consumers worldwide who own televisions and are interested in combining treadmill exercise with multimedia information and entertainment. Since the PCI Controller can identify a user by their heart signature, it can deliver a prescribed and verifiable exercise routine for prevention and rehabilitation of cardiovascular problems.

Marketing Features of the PCI Include:
  • A comfortable Chest Belt transmits each heartbeat via our RF/IR Module to the PCI Controller.
  • Your heart rate controls all treadmill functions including lift, lower, speed increase and decrease. You cannot exceed your body's capacities.
  • With our Virtual Reality™ option, your heartbeat also controls a realistic, laser disc journey through a scenic park, complete with a motivating musical score and a computer controlled breeze.
  • The PCI guarantees that you will exercise in the specific heart range that will maximize Fat Burn, and safely take you through Healthy Heart and Cardiovascular training.
  • With the push of a button, you tell the PCI your gender, weight, age and other information which assures you a completely unique exercise program.
  • Whenever you exercise, the PCI remembers who you are and automatically provides you with your favorite exercise routine.
  • The PCI shows your entire workout on your home TV, including your heart rate, calories burned, speed, distance and lift. . . . . all while you watch your favorite program or videotape.
  • Optional control software is available for rehab specialists and personal trainers.

Development and Manufacturing

1. We originally produced 250 PCI Treadmills, which have all been sold through the Roadmaster distribution system. We have three fully functional treadmills we use for display, software development and testing. Additionally, we have an inventory of 155 PCI/VCI controllers.

2. I have contacted a number of treadmill manufacturers who are interested in incorporating the PCI System into their treadmill line. Additionally, we are costing the branding and OEM production of our own treadmill. This approach will provide us more control over the different models, which we may choose to implement. This will become especially important in the medical market.

3. It should be noted that for the lower end treadmill units, PCI technology will add approximately $40 - $50 to production cost. For the higher end treadmills which have expensive control and display systems, PCI technology will actually reduce the production cost, since we will be replacing the normal control and display electronics with PCI.