QRA 2003
The Technology
This page contains a series of links, which explain and illustrate Quantum's technology and products. Please review the Executive Summary, which was created to provide an overview or perspective for the technology you will be viewing. The individual technology and product views will fully describe and illustrate each technology as well as provide information concerning product protection, marketing, competitive advantages and manufacturing. Some technology reviews will be enhanced with available streaming video.

All the technologies you will view are fully developed and prototyped, with some having already been marketed and sold.

To enter the Technology and Product review area, you will need a user name and password. If you have one please click on any of the navigation tabs to your left. If you do not have a user name and password, please contact us.

Ownership and Licensing of Quantum Technology and Products.

Access to Quantum Technology is extremely flexible and may involve one or more of the following models.
  • Limited as to specific technology application, product or geographic region
  • Exclusive
  • OEM License
  • Branded Product
What Quantum Will Provide
  • License or ownership of technology including applicable patent rights and registered trademark
  • Complete design specifications
  • Off shore manufacturing quotes and prototype delivered for approval at cost
  • Fully structured and functional marketing and direct sales web site.
    See Body Beam USA.
  • A "Right of First Refusal" for all other technologies
  • FCC required Product Claims Support