QRA 2003

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The Technology : Infra Red Heart Link
This product links all pulse transmitter belts to VCI, PCI and Computer Products. All of the chest belt pulse products use a radio frequency (RF) to transmit the heart beat event to a receiver. The RF is very low powered and has a very short range; about a meter. For the heart beat to be transmitted further, different technology is required. The Infra Red Heart Link converter is a module that changes the RF signal from the user's pulse belt into an infra red (IR) signal which can be transmitted to the VCI/PCI (described below) for display on a TV and to our computer interface product. The Infra Red Heart Link also allows the user to input personal information to the VCI, PCI and computer interface.

Product Marketing

The infra red link turns the user's pulse transmitter into a communication device for television, a computer and the Internet. This product is sold with our television interactive products (VCI, PCI Treadmill) and our Computer Link Systems IT services those consumers worldwide who are interested in combining exercise and wellness activities with multi media information and entertainment.

Competition and Advantage

No pulse watch manufacturer presently uses IR for pulse communication, nor do any have a multimedia "real time" heart rate display link. We can receive, process and re-transmit the pulse signals of all the major pulse belt manufacturers. This means the users with Polar or other branded belts can change over to our product line without buying a new belt transmitter. Additionally, this unit allows user communication with our VCI and Computer Interface for the purpose of choosing menu items displayed on a TV or computer.

Development and Manufacturing 1. Prototype is complete and functional.
2. We will be able to deliver parts specifications and critical path items to the manufacturer within one (1) month of the start up.
3. Our best estimate at this time, is that, in volume, the cost for the basic transmitter unit should not exceed $7.00 per unit.