QRA 2003

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The Technology : Fitness Machine Interface
The Universal Fitness Machine Module (UFMM) is a special version of the Video Control Interactive (VCI) which will be made available to all fitness equipment manufacturers as an OEM product. This Module is constructed to take the place of the standard display device with which all fitness machines are equipped. The magnet switch plug is removed from the standard display device and plugged into the UFMM.

The Module will now project a menu on the user's home TV (via our TV Module) or on their computer (via our Computer Interface) and accept input from the user such as weight, gender and age. The Module will then provide an absolutely customized workout, displaying real time information about the users workout, including present heart rate, speed, distance covered, calorie burn, elapsed time etc. on the user's home TV or on their computer. The computer Interface version of the UFMM will interact with our web site.