QRA 2003

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The Technology : Computer Interface
The Personal Trainer computer interface is an infrared receiver module (IR) that plugs into the standard serial port or USB port of any personal computer. The module receives heart beat signals from a user's pulse belt via our RF/IR Module, along with IR signals from other interface products i.e., PCI Treadmill, VCI Module, the Universal Fitness Machine Module, weight scales, blood pressure monitors etc. Windows™ compatible software provides a library of Fitness and Wellness applications, as well as a connection to the our interactive web site, for unique, fitness interactive options and activities. Two models of the interface will be sold. One will simply input and display pulse and other IR information. A second model will be capable of full two way communication between the computer and a motorized fitness device, i.e., treadmill, stepper, erogometer, etc. As a result, the user's computer will control these motorized fitness devices and completely manage the exercise sessions.

Software sales represent the highest margin product for the computer industry. The Microsoft Empire, along with many of the computer industry giants, founded their fortunes solely upon the development and marketing of software.

Our Personal Trainer Software will be a library of interactive Windows™ based programs in Fitness and Wellness. This software will link users to our Web Site, monitor their heart rate, control their motorized fitness equipment, manage their diets and nutrition and control their stress. Program segments will be available on-line at our Web Site or users can purchase an entire program for immediate download to their computer. Software will also be available in media and computer retail outlets and via direct sales.

Product Marketing

This product services those consumers world wide who own computers and are interested in combining exercise and wellness activities with multi media information and entertainment. Since our software can identify a user and maintain a heart signature, it can deliver a prescribed and verifiable exercise routine for cardio prevention and rehabilitation programs.

As previously stated, within three years the FCC has mandated that all media broadcasting will be digital and as a result there will be no distinction between TV monitors and computer monitors. Digital TV's are already growing in popularity as are the wireless keyboards to allow a user to sit in front of their big screen digital TV and integrate all their entertainment, internet activity, e-mail, learning and the avalanche of Information Technology products and services in the pipeline. With our brand, products and technology infrastructure and expertise, we are positioned to take maximum advantage of the IT system's revolution.


CardioSport has a radio frequency (RF) receiver and software called Body Guard™. This system is limited because the user must be very close to the receiver and cannot move around freely. (The signal is radio frequency). The software is not Windows™ compatible nor is there a web interface. Our system can receive user exercise information from as far away as 25 feet, is Windows™ compatible and has a web interface.

Development and Manufacturing

The prototype link has been developed and tested and a test program that operates within a Windows™ environment has also been developed and tested.

1. In order to be totally compatible with standard serial port protocol and with Windows 95™ operating system protocol, a production prototype interface must be completed which is capable of evaluating pulse transmissions from the RF Heart Link prior to transferring data to the computer.

2. A second production prototype must also be completed which is capable of full two-way IR communication and command. Approximately 180 hours for design, assembly and testing at $40 per hour.

3. We will be able to deliver parts specifications and critical path items to the manufacturer within one (1) month of the start up.

4. Our best estimate at this time, is that, in volume, the per unit cost for the simple receiver model should not exceed $12.00 and for the two-way communication and control model should not exceed $17.00.