QRA 2003

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The Technology : Body Beam™
The majority of body shaping equipment presently on the market simply duplicates conventional muscle building movements such as lifting, walking and rowing. The Body Beam® produces a novel movement that cannot be duplicated by any other machine available today. By combining a push-pull motion, our exerciser brings into play all of the major muscle groups of the upper body and abdomen in one single movement. That movement both stretches and strengthens muscles with each repetition. In addition to a complete upper body workout, by placing their feet on the power stabilizer, the user can quickly and efficiently stretch and strengthen the muscles of the lower body. The Body Beam® exerciser is a unique design. There are no cords, pulleys, bands, springs, pistons or cams, and no permanent installation or complicated assembly is required. The weight of the user and gravity supplies the entire counter-force. Since the Body Beam® requires a simple series of movements, provides more than 25 different exercises and since the angle can be adjusted to satisfy the strength requirements of anyone, it is the ultimate family fitness training device.

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The Body Beam® is protected by a United States Patent #4,930,769. This is a utility patent, not a design patent. The Body Beam® Trademark is registered.

Product Marketing

We have a small inventory of the Medical/Professional version of the Body Beam®, along with a completed promotional and exercise video and 30 and 60 second commercial spots to support regional sales. Visit our Direct Sales web site at www.bodybeamusa.com

Competition and Advantage

A product called the Total Gym is the main competition for the Body Beam®. The Total Gym is cited as prior art in our Patent, which means that the Body Beam® had to have qualities significantly unique from the Total Gym in order to be granted a patent.

The Body Beam® has been tested in a number of University based and Independent Research Laboratories. Besides demonstrating it's superiority, the result of this research clearly positions the Body Beam® as a "back safe" device, capable of supporting both Cardiovascular and Resistance exercises. Request a complete copy of our Certified Research Results.

Development, Manufacturing and Sales

The sale of the Body Beam® has begun. We need capital to continue manufacturing. The manufacturing cost will be under $100.00 per unit for the standard model. The Body Beam® was priced in the rehab market at $899.00 for the standard model and $1100.00 for the unit with add-on. Our price to the distributor was $350.00 for the standard model and $420.00 for the unit with add-ons.