QRA 2003
Certified Claims Research (CCR)
How can Quantum help position a product to take maximum advantage of media claims?
  1. We review product attributes.
  2. We help to define those claims that require research support.
  3. We establish a protocol for the necessary research.
  4. We conduct that research in the accredited, scientific process.
  5. We provide a complete analysis of the outcome of the research in a package which is ready for distribution to the FTC in the event of questions concerning product claims or to any party requesting verification of those product claims. We can also post the research results on your web site.
  6. Given the results of those studies, we then help you, if necessary, structure the specific claims in order to gain maximum benefit from advertising media and copy.
  7. We can help you maximize your research dollar by developing materials which profile the results of your product research. For example, scientific endorsements for infomercials, printed pieces for promotional distribution and now, multi media web site presentations.
  8. We work closely with legal counsel to help insulate you against the possibility of false claim allegation from consumers, predators and the FTC.
  9. Additionally, we provide product design and enhancement research. (Ask about M.A.P.)
Quantum is experienced in product claims research and will provide your company with the necessary support to meet FTC requirements and maximize your research dollar.

For additional information, please contact Professor James M. Abbondanza, Director of Quantum Research.